Our purpose is simple:
To know God’s Love, Show God’s Love, and Grow God’s Love.

We gather every Sunday at 11:00 am | 75 Hedgedale Road Brampton​

We are every day, down to earth people, from all backgrounds, working together and striving to impact others in a positive way, and to live our lives to the honour and glory of God

Nice people.

We LOVE it when someone comes for the first time. But, we don’t always recognize the first-time visitors because so many of the people who come are still fairly new, so feel free to say, “This is my first time” and we’ll guide you in!

A casual atmosphere.

We care about YOU, not what you’re wearing, so feel to come in jeans or whatever is comfortable. Our dress code is simple: wear something. Grab a hot cup of free coffee from our Cafe and sit wherever you’d like! We will NOT single you out publicly or ask you to say anything, and we do NOT expect guests to contribute anything financially.

A fun, safe environment for kids.

Kids love it at New Life! If you bring your kids, you’ll check them in and out each Sunday in our Check-In room using a special labeling system and our security volunteers will monitor the halls during the service. Babies and toddlers are cared for by loving volunteers. There’s a preschool room and Kids’ Church for grades one through five. All of our kids ministry volunteers must pass background checks and have a heart for kids and families.

Practical teaching

that connects the words of the Bible to everyday life and music that is lively, including drums and guitars. Don’t be surprised when some people raise their hands as a sign of praise while singing, and don’t feel obligated to do so yourself. We create an atmosphere of freedom in our services.

What We Believe

All are loved

We believe that everyone should know that they are loved by their creator, in spite of your past, and that that love should be shown in tangible ways, in the lives of true believers.

All should hear

We believe in the Christian discipline of sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made for all people.

The Bible is for us

We believe that the Bible is God’s word given to us to help us to understand how humanity came to be, what initially destroyed the relationship we had with our creator and how to restore back that relationship.

All can be saved

We believe that in order for a person to receive eternal salvation he or she must first be sincerely sorry for their sins, and to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the removal of their sins. (Acts 2:38)

All can receive

We believe that even in this generation people who are truly repentant will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost according to the book of Acts, with the initial evidence of speaking with other tongues as the Spirit of God moves upon them supernaturally.

our team

Lead Pastor

Pastor Michael Carter

Assistant pastor

Michelle Carter

Director of Education

Min. Barrington DeGrasse